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Maggie Joe Sport Fishing Report

Hi Maggie Joe Sportfishing!

Attached are some pictures that you are welcome to add to your gallery. We chartered the Maggie Joe for the day on April 12, 2012 and had an absolutely wonderful time!  We caught 17 mahi mahi and small yellowfin and skipjack tuna…39 fish in total!!  Also included is an image that you are welcome to use on your website of a photo captured aboard the Maggie Joe that I thought turned out particularly good.  Lastly, there is an image attached of a whale breaching onto a sailboat…I had a discussion with Captain Mike and deckhand Billy about this while aboard the Maggie Joe and told them I would send them the picture.  It was from a news story about a whale off the coast of South Africa.  Mike and I had an incredible day aboard the Maggie Joe with Capt Mike, and deckhands Sean and Billy.  Everyone worked so hard for us and they were all exceptional!  We would come back in a heartbeat.


Bev and Mike
Eugene, OR

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Bev and Mike from Oregon with catch!

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