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Sea Hawk Deep Sea Fishing Report

oahu deep sea fishing charter

Nicole with Captain Morgan, Mate Rob and 120 lb Blue Marlin

Now this is impressive!  Nicole caught this 120 lb Blue Marlin on 50 lb rod with no leader.  Usually we catch these monster marlin on 130 lb rods.  So it takes a lot of skill on both the part of the Captain and the Angler to reel in a fish of this size on that light of gear.  Way to go Nicole!

The fish was caught on a sport fishing charter aboard the Sea Hawk while deep sea fishing outside off Honolulu, Oahu.  The gear in use was meant for much lighter game and by chance a Marlin hooked up.  Captain Morgan and the guys were going for bait, using a worm and a 50 lb rod to do so.  An Aku bit and as they were reeling it in, the Blue Marlin came up and hit the Aku, taking both the fish and hook.  Nicole and Captain Morgan did a great job chasing down the fish and reeling it in!

Mahalo for choosing Maggie Joe Sport Fishing and great job!

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