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Maggie Joe Fishing Report

maggie-joe-4-mahi-picture-of-les-with-mahimaggie-joe-4-mahi-angler-mike-with-his-mahimaggie-joe-4-mahi-47lb-cow-angler-jbmaggie-joe-4-mahi-47lb-cow-anglers-jb-mike-dominic-tyler-with-friends-jake-and-lesmaggie-joe-4-mahi-angler-mikemaggie-joe-4-mahi-angler-tyler-and-friend-jakemaggie-joe-4-mahi-angler-tyler-with-his-bull-mahi J.B. Mike, Dominic, Tyler, Jake and Les joined the Maggie Joe for a great day of sport fishing off Oahu.  They brought in a total of 4 Mahi Mahi, the largest of which was a 47lb Co.  Way to go!

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