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Day 4 of HIBT

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

Captain Mike and the Maggie Joe crew hooked up 4 times during Day 4 of the Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament.  On board were anglers from the Kona Game and Fishing Club.  1 spearfish was caught and released while deep sea fishing off Kona, Hawaii, giving the guys some points for the day.  With Day 5 starting tomorrow and Maggie Joe still in contention for the top boat, let’s all wish Captain Mike and the guys the best of luck!

Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament Update

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

The above video comes from the HIBT website. The Maggie Joe can be seen in the video at several points (look for the yellow hull!). Maggie Joe is featured at 1:25 and 1:40 during the video with a Blue Marlin on the line jumping through the water.

Captain Mike and the Maggie Joe finished Day 1 with 1 Blue Marlin and 1 Spearfish tagged.

The video also has some great information on the tournament specifications as lighter tackle is used in this tournament with greater points awarded for fish billfish caught on lighter tackle.

Good luck to Maggie Joe and Captain Mike as they look to build on their catch during Day 2.

Maggie Joe Fishing Tournaments out of Kona

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

Here is a great video showing you some of the fun that the Maggie Joe had on the Big Island bring in Marlin while participating in tournaments throughout the summer.  They finished 5th place in the Hawaii International Billfish Tournament (HIBT).

Maggie Joe Sport Fishing – Hawaii International Billfish Tournament

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

Maggie Joe has been busy the past month participating in several billfish tournaments on the Big Island.  This 567 lb Pacific Blue Marlin caught by Sam Spinello ended up giving Maggie Joe a second place finish at the prestigious HIBT.

Maggie Joe was feature on  Check out what they had to say:

Early in Day Three of the Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament, the Aussies from Fremantle Sailing Club A Team fishing aboard Real Pleasure hooked-up just outside Kailua Bay.

Veteran angler and team captain Mark Maher, an IGFA representative, fought the good fight for nearly six hours before losing the fish estimated in excess of 400 pounds.

“It was about the same size as the Pacific blue marlin boated yesterday. Those 400-pounders are very active this week,” HIBT founder Peter Fithian said.

Before the mid-morning radio round-up, one of three daily team call-ins, anglers had tagged and released 12 Pacific blue marlin. With six more hook-ups announced over the airways before noon, anglers representing enthusiastic teams from around the world were on high alert.

All but five of the 41 teams have now posted points on the HIBT scoreboard.

The big fish story of the day belongs to Malibu Marlin Club, fishing aboard the 53-foot Maggie Joe
captained by Mike DeRego.

Angler and team captain Sam Spinello boated a 567 pound Pacific blue marlin, propelling the team into first place.

“This was a beautiful fish. For more than 70 percent of the fight, we saw her jumping and we chased her round and round,” DeRego said. “Sam is an incredible 74-year old angler.”

Malibu Marlin Club hooked up in Uniform, the fishing area way south near Hookena.

“This was another very strong, tough fish. We had the drag on as high as it could go and she still gave  us a tremendous fight,” angler Sam Spinello said. “We had her to the back of the boat at least a dozen  times! But she was up for the fight – she was well fed and in excellent physical condition. The captain and crew did an amazing job with boating the fish. What a day.”

Marlin caught at HIBT

Marlin caught at HIBT

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