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Captains Biographies:


Name: Michael De Rego

Born location: Honolulu, Hawaii

Experience in years and locations fishing: Over 40 years throughout the state of Hawaii, 36 of which have been as captain.

Favorite fishing story with company: We were live baiting one day with 2 small skipjack tuna off Oahu. After an hour or so, we get bit and the fish pulls a lot of line and very inconsistently. As we fight the fish, I realize something is wrong, probably a dead billfish. However to my surprise we had captured two striped marlin on the same line. The first fish ate the tuna; the second got the leader wrapped around his bill. They both pulled against each other, eventually drowning each other.

Favorite fish dish and recipe: seared ahi (Yellow Fin Tuna) using any Cajun spices especially Chef Paul’s.

Favorite fish to catch and why: Mahi-mahi. Because they are so social. They are aggressive, great schoolers, acrobatic and probably the most beautiful fish. They are great fighters and multiple hits are common. Probably the most fun for our clients.

Any special awards or achievements:

  • Winner of the Lahaina Jackpot four times. Also the first all female team to win the Lahaina Jackpot.
  • Placed second in the prestigious World Billfish Challenge in Kona Hawaii
  • Numerous top three placing in the Ahi Tournament on Oahu, which normally features over 200 boats annually.
  • Winner Aloha Jackpot
  • 2011 Winner of Senoritas Tournament
  • Placed in the top five of all charter boats in the last four Billfish Tournaments
  • Invitation to prestigious Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament

Most mahi-mahi caught in one day: 169

Best day: 3 blue marlin, 12 Wahoo, 169 mahi-mahi, 1 yellow fin tuna


Name: Darryl Chow

Born Location: Honolulu, HI

Experience in years and fishing locations: 20 years fishing experience throughout the Hawaiian Islands, 19 of which have been on the Seahawk off of Oahu. I am also a fishing guide during the summer months fishing the waters of Southeast Alaska for Salmon and Halibut.

Favorite Fishing Story with Company: Being on-board with the Boss (Mike) and the gang returning home from a fishing tournament in Kona. We caught a total of 3 Blue Marlin, 167 Mahi-Mahi, 12 Wahoo, Aku and Shibi too. That was a “once in a lifetime” catch and what a fun day it was.

Favorite Fish to Catch and Why: Mahi-Mahi because it is one of the best tasting fish we catch.

Favorite Fish Dish and Recipe: Take a few pieces of Mahi-Mahi, season to taste and roll in flour; on medium heat only sauté fish with white wine, capers and a little butter for 1-1 ½ minutes per side. When done, cut and squeeze a lemon over pieces of fish.

Any special awards or achievements: Largest fish caught so far is a 934 lb. Pacific Blue Marlin, still waiting for the “Grander”.


Name: Matthew Sullivan

Born location: Corpus Christi Texas

Experience in years: 11

Favorite fishing story: Taking his family fishing in Hawaii

Favorite fish to catch: Blue marlin for its raw power

Favorite fish dish and recipe: Mahi Cevichi
(1 pound mahi ,1 cup diced cilantro, 1 cup chopped celery, 2 cups chopped tamatoe, 1 yellow bell pepper chopped, 1 cup diced green onion, 1 cup diced white onion, 1 cup diced serano peppers, 1 barely ripe mango, 1 dozen limes. Squeeze limes into chopped mahi about 1/4 inch pieces let sit for 12 hours then mix ingredients in and serve with crackers of your choice.

Special achievements: Delivered a boat from Louisiana to Hawaii.


Name: Morgan Taylor

Born location: Brattleboro VT 8/20/83

Experience in years: Obsessive fishing since age of 4, started working on charter boats at 18 in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, got 50 ton Masters License at 21.

Favorite fishing story with the company: Chartered Sea Hawk with family when I was 16, ended up catching a 469lb Blue Marlin. The whole experience made me want to get into big game fishing and charter fishing. Never thought that years later I would be captaining that very boat.

Favorite fish to catch and why: All big tunas for their raw fighting power, the chance to get multiple strikes at the same time, sushi and tuna steaks on the grill.

Favorite fish dish and recipe: Macadamia nut encrusted baked mahi mahi

Special Achievements: 2007 Striper Cup Winner